off switch giveaway.

i'm so very excited to kick off the week by offering you all a chance at your own print copy of off switch magazine (volume two). 

while you can already view the magazine online (and i highly encourage everyone to do so), it is also available in hard-copy form--(you better believe i'll be purchasing one!).  

in order to enter, peruse the magazine (volume two) and leave a comment below letting me know your favorite part. was there a particular article that spoke to you, a photo you can't stop thinking about, or did you like me go check out lower lights burning immediately? 

there will be two winners chosen thursday morning. giveaway will close thursday morning 9 EST. 

just a quick note:
i have to tell you there is something about most print fashion magazines that always leaves me feeling depleted. after an hour of looking at barely-there women and clothes i can't afford i inevitably feel like i've just indulged in way too much sugar and i'm already coming down from the high. that's not to say that vogue or elle or the like doesn't print some pretty fantastic articles (to this day i remember some damn good ones in elle about michelle williams and lindsay lohan). i suppose what i'm saying is that i'm excited about the shift in media that's allowing for the various online publications (and print!)--publications that focus more on content than sales, publications that when i look at the people photographed i'm struck by their joy and vivacity as opposed to the slimness of their face or the thousand dollar birkin bag they're carrying.