sour pickle

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a good grilled cheese with jalepenos

coconut cookies

homemade latte

as someone who struggled for years and years with an eating disorder, but has now found relative peace, i feel as though there's value in sharing a bit of what i like to put into my body. (if for no other reason than to reveal that there isn't a low-fat, diet food in sight, and even eating all the egg-yolks and cheese i can muster still allows me to have a healthy and happy relationship with what i look like)...

1. i'm not a big fruit person, but for cherries. i love them. and i love that, for the most part, we respect their growing season. for the most part you won't see them in the markets outside the warm summer months. as a child i'd eat as many as i could possibly stand during july and august, not much has changed.

2. i am a snacker. so cherries and pickles and small finger foods are my special purview. there is a stand at the farmer's markets here in ny--divine brine--that makes different sorts of pickles. while i'm not usually a pickle person their sour version is extremely good for our systems. the sour pickles have the right kind of acids that help balance out crappy over-processed foods. and they're loaded with probiotics to boot.

3. i go through phases with food. right now i'm having a love affair with eggs. i cook them in a little bit of butter, add in cheese and for en extra kick, pickled jalepenos. they are, without a doubt, a good start for the day.

4. and then there's grilled cheese which i've been having a love affair with for going on half-a-year now. spelt bread and cheddar cheese (and jalepenos between).

5. i've been experimenting with less sugar these days. these little dark chocolate coconut cookie bites aren't cheap, but they pack a punch. they feel decadent and sweet and each one has only 1g of sugar, which if you think is anything go take a look at how many grams of sugar are in a low-fat, fat-free yogurt (or even a larabar) and then we'll talk.

6. before i moved i promised myself in this new place i would get a latte maker for the kitchen (or as someone once pointed out to me, an espresso maker. thing is though, i use it for lattes, so let's call it that). i found a really reasonably priced one on amazon and knew that i'd make up the cost of it in just about two months considering how often i bought lattes out and about. i can't tell you how happy this contraption makes me. i wake up, turn it on, and then i go about my routine. it takes a little bit of effort to make my beloved coffee drink and i appreciate that. i also appreciate that i can have it any time of the day and it's insta-comfort. i have a beautiful girlfriend who had an eating disorder of her own and from what i can tell she overcame it by cooking dinner as much as possible and drinking wine every time she did so--enjoyment and process. well, i've tried to adopt this attitude myself, but i think if there's been just one thing that has helped me heal, it's a latte. i like the comfort it provides. but more than that it delivers calcium and good fats, and it's the perfect place for me to get some cinnamon into my daily routine (jam packed with stuff that's good for the body). plus, there's no sugar but what's naturally occurring in the milk.