WHAT I'M LISTENING TO// the tallest man on earth

back toward the beginning of june i went to see this guy at town hall here in new york city.

i went by myself, sat there with pen and paper as sometimes words come when you least expect them, and the whole experience was...

have you ever been in the presence of someone who is so damn present? like really there, in the moment, and you can tell they are fighting to say in it just as much as you then have to fight to stay in it with them? and what i mean by fighting to stay in it--it's been my experience that there are few places more terrifying and exhilarating because in the present moment it's as though you feel every human emotion there's ever been--and you feel them all at once--and strongly, deeply.

but if you can stay there, there's a sort of revelation that comes along?

i had an experience of sitting there, listening to mr. matsson's brilliant, brilliant easy and stunning music and suddenly knowing something about the future of my life--knowing in that bone-deep knowing sort of way. a ferocious sort of knowledge and confidence in the future.

and of course i can talk about the moment now, but the body knowing passes as it often does, and even to describe it seems ridiculous. and yet. it happened.

does any of this make sense?

this is all to say, this man's new album is something else. and seeing him live and in person...well, if you can, you must. you really, simply must.