LOVE LIST// septmeber 25

morning lattes  .  afternoon lattes  .  lit candles  .  red brick  .  Fall  .  Fall in New York  .  men on bikes  .  men with rolled jeans  .  beards  .  a little gray in those beards  .  stripes  .  cobblestone streets  .  front stoops and corner stores  .  high pony tails  .  pine nuts  .  corduroy pants  .  gray corduroy pants  .  and black ones too  .  Sunday markets  .  brunch  .  the peel of church bells  .  the Avett Brothers  .  the dance of water on a horizon  .  the blessing of Home  .  a pile of clean laundry  .  Saturday nights just before  .  a cupped hand  .  reminders (the big kind, the life kind)  .  that quiet sense that it'll all be alright  .  the promise of Paris  .  when the man leaning against the wrought iron fence just outside my home declares that the street feels nothing like New York. he could be somewhere in the South. and i laugh and tease, what do you know about the South  .  that the street feels somehow other  .  that I am somehow other  .  from another place--if not the South, a bit deeper down and in  .