the fight

phantom empire state.

I don't have the luxury to think about you.

Not until the day you show up to fight for me--a day that I'm altogether, completely unsure will ever arrive--not until that day do I have the luxury to even think about you.

But should you choose to--to show up and to fight--then, then I will fight for you. With everything I have, I will fight. I will fight with a ferocity unmatched by any woman you've before known. I will fight with a ferocity that will absolutely unmoor you. Such is my strength and my will and my grit. Such is my ability to heft and to heave and to drag the heavens toward the earth. That is how I will love you. Should you ever gather the courage to ask.

But until then, until your question and until that-day-that-will-very-likely-never-come, I will go out into the world and search for someone else. And my lips will forget your name.


photo by sam shorey