So, I'm totally going to prom this weekend.

Which isn't so much prom as a junior league charity event in Boston.

But my brother and his group of friends have taken to calling it prom, and since I never had prom in high school (strange Southern traditions of cotillion and all that nonsense), I'm seizing this moment and declaring that yes, indeed, this will be the weekend of my first ever prom!!

I got my dress at a vintage shop here in Brooklyn for a ridiculously low price and yesterday my mother took me shopping for some gold-heeled-shoes. My girlfriend Kim told me that the heel is entirely too low for any event masquerading as a prom, but since that it was my first real foray into heeldom, they would suffice. 

My brother, being the organizer that he is, began an email chain which quickly devolved into prom do's and don'ts, followed by an extremely detailed email correspondence between one of my brother's friends and his girlfriend Lennay Kekua (does that name sound familiar? google it). The whole thing was genius and if I wasn't before excited to meet Connor's friends, I am now.

But I do want to get back to the subject at hand: PROM!!

What are the do's and don'ts? A low heel may be a don't, but it's a don't that I'm going to own with pride. Some of the other suggestions were to bring a minimum of three flasks (one is a tease) {If you are going to prom and are under the age of 21, I am in no way condoning drinking. I am 27 and therefore, very, very legal. We all must pay our dues}. And that polaroids are better than instagram (which means my Fuji instamax is already packed). But what else?

What does one do at prom? What did you all do and wear at your first prom?! Tell me everything, bring me into the circle of girl-talk.