Meg Fee New York City Today is my father's last day of work.

31 years at the same company.

Today he "retires"...whatever that means, which I'm not sure any of us know beyond him not going into work every day.

It's a big deal.

My dad's a big deal.

And I'm really proud of him.

Because I think, he thinks, we don't get just how hard he worked and just how much he sacrificed and how much it cost so that each person in our family could do and be anything.

And you know, I'll probably never fully get it.

But the reason I want--with every bone in my body--to one day make my father as absolutely proud as I can, is because he worked tirelessly so that the word possibility might always have and "endless" before it.

And I can't think of a more meaningful gift for a parent to give his child.