a perfect brooklyn sunday (also know as: peter-paul and sjoerd do life on this side of the east river)


when Natalie called me on thursday and told me she had met two Dutch men visiting from Amsterdam and that we'd all be going out on friday night, i thought nothing of it.
and then friday night proved one of those evening that people who don't live in new york think we new yorkers have all the time.
can i let you in on a secret? i can probably count those nights on both hands (and keep in mind i've been in new york for nearly nine years now).
but when they do happen? they make all the other nights worthwhile.
i think those nights must happen to Natalie more often than the average new yorker--1. because she can make friends with anyone and 2. she's better at saying yes to life than anyone i've ever met
when Peter-Paul and Sjoerd (yup) and i went out on Sunday (Natalie had general conference) they asked if i was hesitant when Natalie first called--wasn't it odd to go out with two strange men? i thought for a second. if anyone other than Natalie had called than yes, i would have been skeptical. but coming from her, it seemed just as it should be.
i think much of the point of living in new york and being young and untethered is saying yes to precisely those sorts of phone calls.
there is so very much i want for my life. and much of it revolves around stability and what is known. and much as i want those things i understand they will be the death of galavanting around Brooklyn one sunday with two men i've just met. so until that day that brings stability and a child to care for and a more permanent home i will say yes to just as many strange stories as i can--i will collect those definitive new york evenings, attempt to fill two more hands with their numbers and stories.
getting to show the boys Brooklyn was so exciting for me. i wanted them to see what they'd never have found in the tour books.
we did Brooklyn bridge park in the morning (and yes, i made them ride the carousel), followed by vinegar hill house for brunch--there really is something about that teensy-sliver-of-a-neighborhood that makes me feel a little closer to divinity--like its actually three feet up into the clouds.
{i knew they were my people when they always opted for sparkling (gas) water. also they were both very tall, which made me feel petite and feminine, which is not something i'm accustomed to. it's the little things}.
on our way to the train, i heard my name, and ran into my friend Timothy who i allowed to divert us to SMORGASBURG (a flea market of food that's in Williamsburg on Saturdays and DUMBO on Sundays). it was such a classic New York moment. in a city so large, it can still feel so small as you run into friends on the street.
from there we headed to Williamsburg where we walked along Bedford Ave and then got take-out pizza from Il Fornino that we brought to a picnic table near the waterfront.
our final stop on our adventure was the rooftop bar at the Wythe Hotel where we sampled three different whiskeys and soaked in the fantastic view of Manhattan.
it was the perfect day. it really was.
if i had to write a guide book for tourists visiting Brooklyn that would be the day. exactly that day. Peter-Paul and Sjoerd felt like they were seeing something few tourists get to see (or so they said) and i felt like i was falling in love with life on this side of the East River all over again.
when we finally parted ways and i got off the F train in Carroll Gardens i felt the skin around my eyes soften ever-so-slightly--felt the tension i always carry center of my chest release almost imperceptibly. i love the whole of Brooklyn, but there is something about this pocket of it that sings to me.
sometimes i think i moved to the wrong neighborhood--other areas are more exciting, with more young people and more to do. but then i return home to this place and there is that thought and that perfect word: home.
this place feels like home. every part of my body embraces it. and even if, for me, the only joy of Carroll Gardens was returning home to it, that alone would be enough.