MY NEW YORK | spring is a total show-off

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with the bombings in Boston last week, the manhunt that ensued, the gun legislation that failed to pass, and all the lives lost i am both bewildered and discouraged. it was unfathomable. much of last week was unfathomable.

and yet, as all that was happening, spring erupted in her multi-colored splendor.

and there must be a lesson in that.

if you are a longtime reader you know that i am big fan of cheryl strayed and her dear sugar columns. the refrain she utters column after column, piece after piece, is as follows: every last one of us can do better than give up. 

that is my thought for this next week. i can do better than give up. i can choose love and compassion and empathy at every turn. i can practice kindness despite my anger and despite my fear. i can be better than i want to be.

i hope this week is better than last. and i hope we all might find some beauty in the changing of the seasons.

and for inquiring minds...
i write on my photos using a wacom tablet.
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