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i feel like i finally got this brand-spankin'-new-site and a tremendous case of writer's block.

and so nothing to say.

which isn't quite true.

there are things to say but sometimes enough time has to pass. and sometimes i worry for the players in the story. and at other times the thoughts are only half-formed and getting them to whole sentences is a thing that happens in my body long before they reach the mind and so it's a game of patience.

and sometimes i find that when i'm in a place of great transition it's difficult to write. i have to get to the other side to gain some perspective.

but i do want to write about a post in defense of dressing up. and i want to write a post about things that don't age well (like tattoos and anger). i want to write a post about how i had a revolutionary thought on tuesday night while standing barefoot in the kitchen doing dishes. and so perhaps next week i'll get some of that written down. and if i don't, you all will remind me?