round these parts

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it was spring when i first fell in love with brooklyn.

just over a year ago.

and it's been a spring-sort-of-love-affair ever since.

these last few weeks have seen a rolling progression of the trees in bloom. first came the magnolia trees and then the dogwoods and the cherry blossoms and many others i can't yet name.

the trees just out of my apartment have caught fire with green and my tiny studio apartment feels like a grown up's tree-house (in the best possible way).

everyday in this second spring is a lesson in how easily gratitude can sometimes arise.

gratitude for the flowers and the trees and the angling in of the morning light. gratitude for the quiet of the neighborhood. for the sounds of the birds and all the sidewalk sales. for the court street fair and the parade to and from the garden shop because absolutely. everyone. here. tends to their herbs and flowers and front yards.

gratitude for how very much the whole of this place feels like home.

gratitude for the cool air that demands nothing more than a jean jacket. gratitude for such good girlfriends and their very perfect children and a meatball sandwich shared with my father on a monday afternoon before wandering through the whole of brooklyn heights.

it's such a good time of year this spring.