the feeling of it

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i dreamt about you the other night. i slept all of like four hours and just before i woke, there you were, in my dream. and we were dancing, or hugging, or doing something-totally-sensical-in-that-hazy-place-that-is-dreamland, but doesn't quite translate to real life.

all i know is we were standing impossibly close.

and standing impossibly close to you felt... thrilling. was in fact the most thrilling feeling i've ever known.

it felt like...flying.

the feeling of standing close to you felt like flying.

which i recognize is like, the most ludicrous and simplistic and inaccurate thing to say.

and it is. it totally is. it totally misses the point.

and yet.

it gets closer to to what it was than anything else i know.

funny thing about love, there are no words for it. only cliches. and short, nonsensical sounds that feel a lot like really bright colors.



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