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(small pleasures)


(stoop sale)

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(the F train is above ground before it hits Carroll Street; and because it's been hotter in New York than any of us know how to handle {and waiting underground in the hotbox that is a subway station doesn't appeal to anyone} it's been especially pleasant to watch for the train's approach before heading down)


(not a stoop sale. simply for the taking)

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(from the top of the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg)


it has been hot in new york. so hot i'm barely functioning--everyone is barely functioning. on top of that i'm taking a Princeton Review course to prepare for the GRE and i can't recommend it enough--it is so very, very good. but it is so very, very, very much work and i always feel like i'm two lessons and three practice tests behind where i'd ideally like to be. so, if you ever feel so inclined to take such a course--opt for the one that's just once a week, as opposed to twice. turns out there are only so many math problems i can do before my brain turns to mush and my eyes glaze over. so blogging has been taking a back seat...

i've got like two mammoth posts all typed up in word document, but i can't quite finish either--i'm not sure if, it's in actuality, just one massive post.

i've been thinking a lot about kindness and honesty and where those two things meet. and men and worth and why they feel tied together, even though they're not. about growing up and how hard but rewarding it is (and how many people refuse to do it because they're scared of the hard bit). all of these thoughts are swirling around, but have yet to really come up and out in any coherent way because all those damn math problems are taking up what little time and space i have in my life (and mind).


so, this is all to say, apologies that things are a bit quiet around here. there's a lot of life happening...which doesn't always allow for a lot of blogging. not now, at least.


happy monday. Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 9.33.11 AM