before the wedding

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it feels like a very large handful of my friends have either just gotten married or are about to get married. it's been amazing to see each one of them meet the right person and fall in love.

Joy and I have known each other since our very first day of college. that first year her apartment felt just as much like home as my small 26th floor dorm room. second year we mostly spent Friday nights watching Grey's Anatomy and eating crepes. we've been through so much, both together, and not. we've seen eachother fall in and out of love with both good and not-so-good-men. and so to know that after nine years of ups-and-downs and good men and not-so-good-men and false starts and poor attempts she gets to marry the love of her life, well that's a reason to celebrate if ever there was one.

it was a perfect night; a stunning TriBeCa apartment, champagne with drink straws and pom poms, tassel garlands, lingerie, a nearly-newlywed game, and just the right amount of happy tears.