what i'm listening to | the avett brothers


You guys... the internet! For all the complaints that I can level against the thing (and technology as a whole), that it means I can be at home in my tiny Brooklyn studio listening to an Avett Brothers concert that happened months ago (in Germany!) in full...I mean come on. Come on!


I got an email a little while ago that asked how I get over heartache. And I've thought about that for so many months now. And the best and truest answer I can give is this...I listen to really good music. Not music I shared with the guy--but the sort of music that he would have been surprised by my listening to. Frankly, I listen to the sort of music that proves I had better taste than him.


I listen to the music of people far smarter than I. And I take comfort in the fact that they've been heartbroken too.


And I light a candle. And drink wine at home (which is a rare occurrence). And I take baths. And I keep headache formula tylenol on hand...because the crying thing totally dehydrates me.


And yes, I cry. Quite a lot, actually.