christmas in new york

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(My grown up shoes. The glitter leaves a trail...perhaps, inevitably).

photo 1-28Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 8.16.56 AM(That Chagall in the background may be one of my very favorites. Ever).

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(Thank goodness for friends who understand the importance of a damn fine cheese plate).

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For all of the things to do in New York, and all the glamorous places to go, almost nothing beats a house party.


I find that so much in this city belongs to the public domain. Walking and taking the subway and traveling and eating--nearly everything is done in view of others. There's a reason everyone gets comfortable with crying in public here, you sort of have to. And because so much is public, that makes the private spaces that much more sacred. Not just anyone can be invited over the threshold and into your home. So when someone does open their door for you, well, it can make for a really lovely evening.


I'm so lucky to have the girlfriends that I've met in this city. I'm keeping them for life, that much I know. Even when, as I imagine will happen, time and fate scatter us across the country (or the world), I'm keeping them.


Good food, good wine, much laughter, and an apartment all lit up with lights and stories...I wouldn't have it any other way.


Sunday nights have a way of inviting in loneliness like no other, but last night--well, last night was good. A family night in the most expansive sense of the word.


A perfect start to the holiday week.