what to do in nyc | the metropolitan museum of art + cafe sabarsky

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For the most part I'm really okay that I didn't end up in Paris this long weekend (that post and explanation coming tomorrow).


But for my eyes.


But for the feast my eyes would've beheld.


And the weight of the camera in my hands as I beheld it.


Does that make sense?


There are so many ways we feed ourselves, I believe that. And just as our bodies are primed (and need) to eat a variety of things...I think the eyes need the same. The architecture, the paintings, the small neighborhoods and cobble stone streets, my eyes were hungry for Paris. My body was craving the experience of the city.


But Paris will wait; it has to.


When it became clear the trip was not happening, or rather, that it would happen without me, I called my very best friends here in the city and asked them to play tourist with me. I wanted to do something in New York that would in some way mimic my derailed Parisian adventure.


The Met came to mind.


It's one of the most visited tourist attraction, and while I--yes--tend to shy away from visiting such places (or even suggesting them), on this front I absolutely concede: the Met is worth the visit.


The building itself is a stunner. The galleries are well curated and the artwork is, of course, tremendous. So go. Really, go.


And after, turn the corner on 86th and grab a delicious meal or snack at Cafe Sabarsky (inspired by turn of the century Viennese cafes) in the Neue Galerie. There is an upstairs and downstairs to this establishment--the upstairs while admittedly more aesthetically appealing has the wait time to go along with it. It's not inexpensive, but it's a fun and interesting New York experience.