my ideal New York City weekend

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With two visitors this last month I have perfected my WHAT-TO-DO-WITH-A-WEEKEND-IN-NEW-YORK...

So as part apology for my long stretch of quiet on this here blog, and part you-should-really-just-know-this, I offer up to you an ideal weekend in this city (or some version of it):




Analogue | Before dinner drinks

(For cocktails, the Matahari. For food, bacon wrapped dates).

Aria | Dinner

(I've not had one bad thing, here. Ever).

BOBO (the upstairs bar) | Nightcap




Whynotcoffee | To begin

the West Village + the High Line | Wandering

(about this I must say, I had seen bits and pieces of the High Line in the past, but didn't understand all the hoopla. This past weekend was the first time I really walked the length of it. And parts of it are, without a doubt, spectacular. Totally worth giving it a go).

Barrio Chino | Lunch

(the jalepeno infused margarita)

Foot Reflexology | Relaxation

(locations all throughout the city--don't be afraid to google)

Stumptown Coffee | Late-afternoon pick-me-up

Bar Sardine | Dinner

(the Fedora burger)

A club in the Meatpacking District | For stepping outside of one's comfort zone and living like rock stars (or some iteration of that).

(No. 8 {formerly Bungalow 8} or the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel)




Whynotcoffee | To begin

Buttermilk Channel | Brunch

(Take the F train south to Brooklyn. This place is worth the train ride and the wait--on this you must trust me. Get the sausage scramble and the Pecan Pie French Toast).

Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights + the Brooklyn Promenade | Wandering

A Film at the IFC | Afternoon respite

The path along the Hudson | Evening stroll

Whitehall | Late dinner