Ambivalence + Belief

I’ve had to do a few things of late that have been really quite difficult. Mostly because I’ve been deeply ambivalent about doing them. For the majority of my life I thought ambivalence was about not caring, when actually it’s about caring in different directions--wanting two things that seem to oppose one another. I both desperately want this and desperately don’t.


I can hold those opposing truths in both hands at the same time. The libra in me tries to weigh them, but that’s not really the point.

I am fine. And I am not.

This is okay. And also, it is not.

I both want this and really, really don’t.

I recently had to make a decision about something and was torn by my warring desires. I spoke to my girlfriends and got their advice, but realized, at the end of the day, the decision was mine alone. And that decision didn’t really have anything to do with my wants or needs, so much as what I believe. What I believe in. Which is to say, my value system.


Which is to say, who I am.


Value systems are incredible because they cut through the noise very, very quickly. And a path erupts before us. But very often that path is the most difficult--mostly because it has to do with vulnerability and telling the truth.

So I swipe on an extra coat of lipstick for courage and practice remaining soft--feeling the things--all. of. the. things--that are so very hard, but give life nearly all of its meaning.