Words to Live By // 9. 10. 2016

"To be certain, there has been a death. A collective death in the hope of what our next President would usher. A personal death in the safety & preservation to the way of life you (who reads this in the echo chamber of our shared vision) want to live. 

Where there is death, there is a time to grieve. A time to reconcile the personal and the collective. A time to honor what no longer is, before what can be. This time can change the outcome of what follows it. Everything in nature works this way. You and I are of nature.

The veil has been lifted & there are no accidental realities. There is no otherness that will allow us to get anywhere. No duality that will assist. Labels of bigotry, misogyny, & racism, are all rooted in the same thing: fear. Fear of not being good enough & so devastatingly small that you need to tear down a hijab, verbally or physically overpower a woman, or those who have disabilities. Imagine the hell realm that one has to live in to externalize that kind of hatred, which to be sure, is worse than any kind of punishment you or I could dream of. 

To have a mind and body filled with cancerous fear that has transformed into a belief system & has pushed out of you as hatred, disconnecting you from a collective whole is spiritual alienation & a psychological suffering that is incomprehensible to most.

We cannot systematically leave a large part of the population uneducated, without access to consistent health care, and poorly fed as individuals and expect them to fight for something greater than themselves.

And yet, I've never been more hopeful. There is no transformation that happens without a total deconstruction, a death, followed by a call to activate whole heartedly. This discomfort is good. It is time. It's a new muscle being built. Everything that happens after this will happen with our eyes wide open. Wide awake. 

You are here because you play a role in this during your life time. Your only job, is to stay open and be the light where you go, just your immediate surroundings, that is enough. Nothing will happen outisde of you, and it won't happen with your cerebral powers, it begins within the chamber of your greatest muscle: your heart."

Azita Ardakani