i wish there was more time in the day.

time to go to the bank.

to balance my checkbook.

to cook a meal. or clean my room.

to answer all of your questions (they're coming i promise).

to face my twizzler addiction head-on.

to thank each and every one of you for the startlingly powerful and kind comments you bestow on me. to bestow the same on you. as you so richly deserve.

to escape.

to read five books at once.

to call for haircut.

to take a breath.

did i mention that monday was my first day off in three weeks? i'm coming back to you. to myself. deep breath. ahh, see there was time enough for one.

man oh man. fathers.

have you ever heard an actor say, "if you can do anything else [besides act], you should"

well personally, i think that's total bullocks. the best actors should be able to do damn near anything and yet choose to act.

that being said, when you've gone to acting school for four years, it is very easy to feel completely unqualified in a real, working-world setting.

i was telling my father this. and so he sent me the following email.

A while back when we talked, you were upset because you did not feel that you were qualified to do anything. I have been thinking about your concern for some time now and composed the first of two lists. The first list is suitable for printing and putting in a pace where you will see it on a regular basis.

Enjoy, Love Dad.

Sunday, May 18, 2009


I thought about this for some time and decided you are well qualified to:

Be you
Write your own story
Have fun
Be loved
Make a friend
Be a friend
Make dreams come true
Touch a heart
Touch a world

Be seen
Be strong
Be weak
Stand tall
Be independent
Be political
Laugh out loud
Bring insight

Be beautiful
Show compassion

Congratulations, you are qualified to do all of the above, or some, or none, your choice. You are also qualified to add to this list at will.

Love, Dad

Man oh man, am I lucky.

Thanks, Dad. You're so right. I am pretty darn qualified.

And pretty darn lucky to have you.