i have a question.

yesterday a black vespa crossed right in front of me.

i was stepping off the sidewalk and it zipped right by. it was so close i could have reached out and touched it.

and so my question is...

if a black cat crossing your path is an "omen of doom" (yes, one website described it as just that, an "omen of doom")

then a black vespa crossing your path is omen of ...

good tidings?

i'm gonna go with that. after all, you know how i love my vespas.

photo still from Roman Holiday

a fire red vespa. and a dream.

There's a fire red vespa that sits on the corner of 67th and Columbus. I want it. I want to steal it. I won't. But I want to. And this is not an invitation for you to do so either.

But sometimes, in my darkest moments, I dream up ways to surreptitiously flip the kick stand and peel off through the park, hair flying in every direction under the matching red helmet I just happened to have in my bag that morning.

However, if I had been riding my vespa last night instead of walking, would I have missed the gentleman in a suit stealing the tree-sized flowers from the Plaza Hotel's dumpster? Or the young boy practicing racquetball against the giant marble wall outside his doorman-guarded building?

Maybe New York is best seen on foot.

Not to worry, I'll get my vespa when I move to Rome. And all will be well in the world.