Authenticity Online | Jolie Ankrom

Full disclosure: I have yet to meet Jolie. Not in real life. But from the moment I was pointed in her direction I have been in awe of her ability to reach out a metaphorical hand in the murky land of the internet and say Me too! this is my story--this is what is true for me. I am not afraid of it--and I am not afraid to share it. 

Which makes me feel less alone. Which makes me feel seen and heard. Funny how pulling back the curtain a bit and sharing what is truest for you has a way of reflecting back on others. 

What follows is the first in a series about authenticity online. I totally think what we share in this sphere is our prerogative (I can't emphasize that enough). But of what we do share, it is my great wish that we foster greater authenticity and transparency. 

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