one stop past Carroll.

sometimes i'll take the subway one stop further than needed. because when the F train leaves carroll street it rises above ground and for just one moment i'm fifteen again, riding the tube in london for the very first time. and once that moment passes and i remember where and who i am i look out over the neighborhood. and i can see the church one block down and i can see my tree-lined street and i can see all the corners i'm falling madly in love with. and as i move up and past them i think, be home soon.

it's the little things.

home, sweet home.

home sign (1 of 1)home sweet home (1 of 1)bed (1 of 1)reading corner (1 of 1)view from the kitchen the thing may tilt to the side, but it's light and airy and home and now that my mom's finally seen it (she's visiting for the week and i'd like that some things be done in person) i figured i'd share some photos here. it's been over a month now and i've yet to install the shelves in the kitchen or figure out how to give the windows a really good scrub. i've got no bathmat and no dishtowels to speak of, but i'm hoping to accomplish a few of those things this next week. 

there is a sense that twenty years from now i'll look back on this time, fully aware of just how sacred this experience was--so i'm doing my very best to soak up each and every moment.