diana f+. revisited.

the sky has opened and time has befriended me. 

translation: with my nanny-family moving to france and a slight shift in schedule at my second job i have suddenly found myself with time. ample time. so ample that last night i had a five hour play-date. and today i have committed myself to my new friend, diana

today diana and i are heading to 420 9th avenue where we will attempt to outfit her with the correct film. diana and i are on tenuous terms as i did not buy the correct film the first go round. 

and because i've almost broken her. 

five times. 

thank you all for the lovely comments with suggestions regarding this new friend of mine. unfortunately, most of them flew about five feet above where my butt is firmly planted to the stool. translation: over my head. 

so once i get to the camera store and get some nice man/woman to help me, i will review the comments and see if they land a little better. 

but until then...

happy shooting (of film, of course) and happy monday!

in a corner of nyc in 1949...

after a lovely dinner thai dinner, with my friend angela, that ended in a search for mr. softie ice cream--i sauntered over to the bookstore to troll the aisles in search of some of your suggestions

i ended up getting The Time traveler's Wife because i was told that it's wildly sexy (and because it was a today show book club selection--and since i stood in line behind matt lauer at the ice cream shop yesterday--i took it as a sign)

after passing up countless books that i could have snatched up in a second if it weren't for my tight purse strings, i ended up in the postcard section

years ago, when i first became a wee bit sad my general practitioner sent me to a fantastic life coach in houston. life coaches focus not on the root of the problem but rather what can be done to improve your life immediately--little things: making lists and collages, identifying what makes you happy, and so on and so forth

one of the things this life coach asked me to do was cut out pictures from magazines that in some way lit a fire under me...well i'm doing this again. now.

above my work desk (in the corner of my bedroom) i'm gluing images right onto the wall. blogs are veritable treasure troves of delicious images so that's where most have come from.

but tonight, in the postcard section, this one struck me:

i flipped it over.

"Tanaquil Le Clercq, Donald Windham, Buffie Johnson, Tennessee Williams and Gore Vidal at Cafe Nicholson, NYC, 1949. Photograph by Karl Bissinger"

holy smokes. 

the quintessential Balanchine dancer, the pioneer of female painters, and three of the greatest, most prolific American writers. ever.

you think gatherings like this still happen anywhere? i sure hope so.

it's going up on the wall. now.