Chautauqua I: "Everywhere I Go I Find A Poet Has Been There Before Me" Freud

How does one describe Chautauqua? I'm not really sure. This is only my third year here whereas most people have been tied to this place since they were children or long before. My first two years I was a member of the theatre conservatory. It was my summer sanctuary following school years long and deep in both time and tilt. Now I'm back as a visitor and I couldn't be happier. Jonathan, my adopt-a-brother, not only let me join his boy's club, he actually gave me a tour of the club house. There's nothing like doing Chekhov and Camus on the Bratton stage, but by the same token there's nothing like wasting an afternoon with your feet dangling off the end of a pier. I'm so lucky that the C's invited me into their lives. Karen spoils me champagne, porch talks that envelop yawning afternoons, and a love of a rare and enviable kind.