Chautauqua II

Babbo says it [the sky] looks kinda ominous. But its 5:30, I'm wide awake and desperate to get on a boat, despite the slight burn I got yesterday (damn my pasty, white skin). So instead I'm up, waiting it out, trusting his informed opinion, and writing this. Boat or sleep. Boat or sleep. But I'm afraid if I go back to sleep I'll miss the boat entirely. I'll sleep through the text that will say its a go and all will be lost for a year.

I love the water. To a point. I get spooked knowing that a whole world thrives beneath me, but I can't see it. However, nature has that undeniable pull that rebirths us into childhood each day we're willing to surrender to its beauty. It was Frank Lloyd Wright who said, "I believe in God, only I spell it Nature."