On The Waterfront...

Inner Tubing is really hard on the knees
It would seem Bobbo is better at the self-photo shoot than I am
If you look closely you can see he's adjusting those teeny swimming trunks
Well, we made it. Around eleven Bobbo picked me up on a dock in front of the casa. It never rained, I have a hunch he was just really tired. In the end time wasn't an issue. We had a blast. Wakeboarding, or rather the attempt, and then tubing have left my body barely able to move. Well, that and the sun, despite my bullfrog sun tan lotion. Now I'm covered in Aloe Vera.
I have to say that when I get in a funk, there's nothing like an active day to pull me out of it. Bobbo, Jeff, and Brian all patiently endured my girlish squeals. You would have thought I'd never seen water before, or been on a boat--and these are boys that live here year round. Archie, as Bobbo calls him, didn't join us because of school work, but we had fun nonetheless. We had barbecue burgers, danced on the front of the boat, and skinned our knees. Ahh, life is good.