So my friend's coming to visit and I need some ideas...

I've always said the best way to live in NYC is as if you're a tourist. Jonathan is coming to town and I've got some ideas but I need input. So this is a call to the masses. Send me your ideas. What do you love to do in NY?

Here's what I got so far:
1. walk across Brooklyn Bridge to Grimaldi's
2. Monday night movie in Bryant Park
3. the Moma (on Friday night's its cheaper from 4 to 8)
4. Grey's Papaya: even if we don't eat anything, the smell alone is worth it
5. the shake shack in Madison Square Park
6. conservatory garden/ pond by 103 and Central Park West
7. walk along the Hudson in Riverside park
8. Magnolia's bakery for a cupcake
9. Frick collection (Sunday from 11 to 1 its cheaper)
10. the Bronx zoo (this sounds really appealing to me right now and is only $12)