My scanner has created a monster. Volume I: My Parents Wedding Album

I know scanners have been around for a long while now. But man are they cool. How am I just now finding this out? This discovery, coupled with staying at my aunt's house (where she has a completely different set of photos than my mother and father) have turned me into a photo fiend. I'm drunk with power.
Today I came across my parent's wedding album. First of all, they are so beautiful. And look so happy in the pictures. Who would've thunk it (just kidding guys). I think all couples that get married should have at least one extra album put together for the children they might have one day. Because when I had turned 18 or 21 getting that little piece of history would have meant more to me than any material item (except maybe a Marc Jacobs bag. Just kidding. Kinda).
There's some statistic that says couples who engage in the traditional "cake face smashing ceremony" are less likely to stay together. But my parents proved those people wrong. Why avoid an opportunity for fun? Because pomp and circumstance supersede a little debauchery? I hope my wedding is filled with more fun than I know what to do with.
And pure, unadulterated, unqualified, unabashed love, for that matter.