My scanner has created a monster. Volume II: The Early Years

The back of the photo says December '73. When I found it I realized that I sit just like that. My hand between my legs, my middle finger beneath my nose, my thumb under my chin and my index finger on the side of my face. Always, always I do this. I didn't realize I got it from my mom. Scary.
January of '86. My Baptism--its so clear Connor loves me, yes? I don't know, I think the jury was still out at that point.
I get the sense that my parents and everyone else was laughing at me at this point in their baptismal photo shoot.
Connor was trouble as a kid. We were at the family reunion. If you look closely you can see two different last names on his t-shirt. Nobody is really sure that the two are related, but we just kinda go on the loose assumption that we are. Polish people--a funny breed really.
Did I say trouble? I meant dangerous.
We were a handful to say the least.
This picture is proof that at one point my hair was not only blonde, it was curly. What happened?
Our expressions are priceless. We had just finished a romping round of trying to catch lightning bugs in our glass jars.