Stace, you know how you said...

...that the reason it worked with Nick the second go round is because you learned how to cook?
Well, I'm in trouble.
I tried tonight I really did. And the thing is, I want to like cooking. Trust me, it's not for lack of desire that I constantly come up short.

Dumplings. Sounds easy enough right?
They take much too much time to boil. Then, you put them in a frying pan slicked with a tiny, seemingly miniscule amount of oil and the little devils cause that oil to spring up onto your poor, unsuspecting arms and hands.
This was after I lost two of the little things down the disposal as I tried to drain the water. They slipped away like live fish and before I even knew what had happened I was left staring down at an empty sink, debating whether to go in after them. I know, I know that would have been bad. So they're still there. Sad little dumplings stuck in a drain.

And they weren't even that good. Jonathan was nice, he told me otherwise to make me feel better, but I know the truth.
I know.
Oh yeah, and that tiny, little bit of oil that managed to add calories but no flavor is all over the kitchen floor.
How will I ever become marriage material?