This is just to say...

I love walking down 5th Ave and catching a whiff of chlorinated pool.

I hate that people were waiting in line to get into Abercrombie and Fitch. Really? So many great stores and that's what people wanted to get in to?
I hate that none of my friends ever leaves a comment on my blog (hint, hint). Except Naomi, she gets a gold star.
And I hate that Rob pretends he's too good to read any of this--and this was after he admitted that if my life was a reality TV show he'd be addicted.
I hate that I know I'm going to watch 90210 tonight.
I hate that I watched Gossip Girl last night. Except, I did love the moment when Blaire's new boyfriend switched from an American to a British accent flawlessly--there's a Juilliard grad for you. But really, c'mon. It was so dumb I may never watch again.
I hate when drivers don't observe the pedestrian's right away and then they give you a look like you're in the wrong.
I love goofy, little texts.
I love how excited I get about any text you send me.
I hate that I don't have unlimited texting.
I love that my friends embrace the extent to which I'm truly a dork.
I hate when people use their headshot photo as their Facebook profile picture. I have friends that do this and I love them (in spite of this little foible). But seriously, why is it that actors constantly feel the need to remind the world that they're just that?
I love my new purse from Anthropologie.
I hate that I didn't really have the money for my new purse.
I hate goodbyes.
I love that my Mom's coming in a month.
I love that I'm going to have a tea-party for my birthday. Even if it is thirteen years too late.
That's all... for now.