Today I fell madly and deeply and desperately in love.

With the color blue.
I trekked up to my old neighborhood this afternoon and purchased a gallon of Blue Wave. I just marched right in there, picked it out, and got it. There was no time for indecision or worry. I went with the gut and the gut told me this was it. So I came home and decided to test out a patch. Before I knew it. My sweater was off, plastic was on the floor, and I was rolling away. The spirit had moved me. And as I rolled and painted and sweated it happened. I fell in love with this color that no on in my family would ever choose. It's bright and bold and playful. And not pale. All my life I've lived in rooms painted in pale colors. Not this time. Maybe it's too bright and too bold, but for the moment, it's perfect. And it belongs to me. I'm doing it all by myself. It's about time I stopped coloring myself pale. Beauty lies in the unapologetic imperfections that comprise us.
Blue skies...smilin' at me...nothin' but blue I see...
Side note: Naomi I didn't forget you...there's so much to paint...and along with my blue I purchased a small can of chalkboard paint that's got your name all over it!