Tomorrow I will be 23 years and one week old and I am happy.

Because I bought the most gorgeous pair of black boots today. Meaning, my tattered and well-worn brown boots that I once loved so much are hidden away in the back of a closet in Montclair, because I finally came to agree with my mom: they're not so cute on. Style trumps comfort? I'm growing up indeed.
Because my room is blue. And mine. And I've done it all myself. maybe Rob put the Ikea furniture together...but I've done it all by myself almost.
Because I'm learning that the any emotion that lives within us at any one given moment never has a problem being there. It's our unwillingness to coexist with it and explore it that creates the tension. So when I'm sad...the sadness within is not anything other than just exactly what it is. And its okay to let it chill there for a little while. Because while it is in me, it is not of me. Confusing? I know...I gotta get better at explaining it. And accepting it. And living it.
Because I'm figuring everything out. Which means it will all change in no time.
Because after reading Naomi's post about spooking herself, my bag of hangers fell over (of their own volition) and I near jumped out my skin. Imagine that last phrase said in a deep twang of a Texas accent.
Because my bangs are finally growing! Which means the rest of it must too, right? Even if it's still red?
Because I saw the cutest guy on the subway today. Wearing white converse tennies. And he smiled at me and I smiled back. And then got embarrassed because I couldn't stop smiling. And I think I fell a little bit in love right there in that moment. Resolution Fall In Love a Hundred Times a Day...well on its way, thank you very much. Sometimes (and that's a very qualified sometimes) the one train is worth it.
Because I live in the epicenter of one of NYC's many great singles' meccas. And I love it. Turns out I really do love NY. Alot. I'd just been living in the wrong place the last four years. So now I'm falling in love with NY for the very first time, all over again.
Mmmmm...yes, this is right.