Today the Nor'easter hit with a vengeance.

And since I had the day off, I decided what better time to tackle my spring cleaning? 

After all, my mom's been asking when I was going to post the after picture from this post.

Well Mom, here it is...

though I don't think the after photo really does the room justice. I looks impeccable now.

The thing about NYC apartments is you have to move fast. Not much time to mull over the details. Once it's on the market, it doesn't remain there for long (maybe a bit longer in today's economy, but even still). Lightning speed is a must. This creates the following condition: you never know what the problem with the apartment will be until you've lived there for a little while. Apartment #1: nesting pigeons in the void where an air-conditioning could've gone. This led to maggots. And me cursing the fact that I didn't have a boyfriend I could call up at 3 am to come help me kill them. Apartment #2: street noise and dust: so much dust, so--so much noise. And now apartment #3: I don't mind that the dishwasher is always off kilter or that I have to hit the microwave's side each time to get it going. I don't even mind the passionate fights that the landlords have directly above my room or that they move furniture around in the early morning hours. I don't mind that I don't have a closet--though a closet would be nice. The problem with this apartment comes down to the following: I have to clean every five minutes. I think it's due to the lack of storage space. But I am always cleaning my room. One thing out of place and the whole thing is shot to hell. So I'm hoping this go round I'll maintain the spring cleaning state of being. For longer than five minutes.

And the below is my blogging area. Well, I should say I blog here at the desk and in bed. That's the beauty of a laptop. It's movable! Who knew? I saw on someone's blog (and now I can't remember, ugh--so if it was you, speak up) that they were tagged to show off the area in which they blogged. And if you were reading the post, you too were essentially tagged--thus the reason for me showing off my own space. So if you're reading this, now you're tagged. I wanna see where you make the magic happen people.