i'm ooshing all over the place.

When I first entered the blogging world the only person I really knew was taza and I basically would just click on all her links to see any other blogs (well that and pressing the "next" button at the top of all blogs--I saw some interesting stuff, okay). This is all to say that I've been a long time blog stalker, fan, aficianado (whatever you want to call it) of the gorgeous and extremely funny Natalie Hill over at (NO) Sex and the City. I want her hair. And her career. She seems to know everyone. You can just tell that she's courageous and daring and adventurous...and boy do I need some adventure in my life!

So...she posted about me. And I'm so floored. So honored. So humbled. 

We're going to be friends. I can feel it. 

And she'll have a nickname for me (in fact I think she already does and secretly this may just be what I'm most excited about!).

P.S. I cannot thank those of you who have left me comments enough...I love hearing your love stories, your wishes and dreams. It gives me courage and hope. And I'm constantly reminded that I'm not alone. That we're all connected. Virtually, at least.