so there are people that say socializing is good for one's health.

so my juilliard classmate (and one time prom date back in high school) ben and i hit up where the wild things are.

and then topped it off with some new york pizza. 

we joked about our current pains when it comes to paying the bills and the people we're forced to deal with. ben sells water (very expensive water) in broadway houses across the city. when asked why the water is so expensive he quickly responds, it's talent water--the same water they drink backstage. not only that, it's imported. then, with flare he throws it over the front of his arm, asking if they'd like to see the label. or when a customer asked him if he was working his way through college, and he said, he'd actually graduated, the said customer said, oh really, was this your major? and he said in all seriousness: why yes, i majored in concession management. 

bless you ben. 

when telling a guest the other day that we no longer allow strollers in the dining room because of safety reasons and  he asked if i had a PhD in that area (strollers in restaurants) i should have said, do you?

as i turns out ben is on hell of an actor. and a very good friend to share a monday night with.