i left my job on tuesday, hating it so much i thought i might be sick.

i am a hostess. in a restaurant. 

enough. said.

i don't want things to be too easy. 

too easy means too comfortable and too comfortable is like some kind of small death.

but sometimes i wish certain things were just a tad easier

and while i'd like to quit. immediately.

i should probably wait until the exterminator comes on friday and then i get to put my room back together and for the first time in near a month live like a normal person. that will give me some perspective.

because much as i hate my job... at least it gives me the time and leeway to figure out just exactly what i might like to one day do.

i don't have to love this job. i don't have to be good at this job. i don't have to like everyone i work for or with. i just have to tolerate, persevere, and see it all as practice for inevitable domestic house-wife bliss that awaits (tongue and cheek, tongue and cheek. because i clean tables and carry dishes most of the day? and vacuum, lord knows how i love that).

brgh. this mood will end along with the bed bugs, yes? someone please say yes.

ps: ladies, ben (featured below) is taken, but don't worry, when i meet a guy, i'll let you know.