saturday night.

it's saturday night.

and i got home early.

so i whipped up my second batch of spelt biscuits .

and am about to crawl into bed with my book.

yes, i am the girl that bakes spelt biscuits on a saturday night. and i am okay with that. in fact, i kinda like it.

(ps: the biscuit is on a cupcake plate. can you tell?! yes, a cupcake plate given to me my most wonderful mother this Christmas. isn't she just so tuned into what is cool?).

this was a good week. i survived. flourished even. and reveled in the good news of others.

i happened to attend a rotary club meeting in buffalo once upon a time. {i know... don't ask.} but they have this thing where they put a dollar into a hat and with that dollar they get to share news that brings them great personal joy.

so, two dollars, thank you very much. two dollars have i just placed in the hat.

congratulations, ladies, i feel so lucky to be connected to you both (even if it is through this strange and bewildering thing known as blogdom).