dear one-day-pal,

i broke the candlesticks. the one's i knew you'd hate.

this last move.

they were on top of my bookshelf.

i was moving a picture frame and they fell.

and they shattered.

i didn't imagine they could make themselves so small. even in breaking, i couldn't fathom that there would be so many pieces. so tiny.

i was fine. unscathed. strangely enough the glass seemed to avoid me all together.

i should be thankful for that.

i know. i know that.

but the thing is, all i can think,

it's one less fight. one less fight we'll have.

a silly little fight about differing tastes.

one less memory.

one less moment for me to fall madly and deeply and desperately in love with you.


the girl two-candle sticks short tonight