yesterday something hideous moved through me.

a mood.

a bad mood.

a bad mood to end all other bad moods.

i walked past the bathroom in the new apartment and stopped.

my love for this new bathroom knows no bounds. our tuscan bathroom, i call it. (something about the tan stones has led me to dub it as such).

our tuscan bathroom has a whirlpool bath. and because i've long longed for a bath in which to fall apart, i thought, hmmm... this tub will do. this tub will definitely do.

and so i ran the warm water. climbed in. prepared for some kind of release and pressed the whirlpool button.

rumble. bubble. rummmmmble.

and dirt.

an explosion of dirt.

yes, dirt.

i quickly turned the whirlpool button off.

and remained in the warm water as the brown chunks outfitted in various sizes and shapes swirled and pooled around me.

and i thought, yup, this is about right.

after all, it was release i had been in search of. and beggars can't be choosers.