the grocery store.

yesterday i rode my bike to the grocery store for asparagus and mascara.

two things all girls must have.

i headed to the produce and became giddy with excitement upon finding ultra-thin stalks (best for crisping in the oven).

and then worked my way over to cosmetics.

there i stood in front of the wall of wands. overwhelmed by variety i reached for the old standard: thin wand, conservative length extension.

but then something caught my eye. the new falsies mascara. you know, the mascara that promises eyelashes so big that they actually look fake. but who wants fake looking lashes, right? only loose women would want such a thing.

loose women, i say!

and yet.

maybe, just maybe i might want such a thing.

maybe, just maybe i stood in front of that wall of wands and reminded myself that this summer is an experiment. on all fronts. so why not try? why not try the one mascara that seems most inconsistent with my own loosely cobbled self-image?

and so i got it.

and the summer pedals on.