sundance, waterfalls, and the tree room dream.

this saturday the gorgeous Bev showed me the part of utah i've been longing to see since the day i arrived. and suddenly i think i might never leave. everything's better up in the mountains (girl talk included. who am i kidding? especially, girl talk!). i'm thinking of taking up residence in any of the several multi-million dollar homes nestled into the foliage. in fact, if i hang around long enough, maybe robert (redford) and i might just strike up a friendship.

let there be light.

God's country, indeed.

hello, utah!

yes, please, take me there.

Sundance that a-way!

waterfall, oh waterfall.

now i'm thinking of all the different ways to convince my father to take my mother and me to the tree room when they come to visit in just over a month.