tid-bits and business.

it is just past 11:30 here (mountain standard time).

i woke up but five minutes ago.

making my cumulative sleeping hours twelve (or thereabout).

it was heavenly. and needed (for so many reasons).

the show has been going swimmingly (mostly).

and i'd love for you all to come (and to say hello afterwards).


tonight we have a performance in salt lake 645 e 400 s at 6 pm. so come and bring food and start your weekend off on a romantic (or comic/tragic/life note).

as for the rest of the weekend:

we have two performances this saturday...

August 21 Provo Farmers Market, 500 W Center Street, Provo 12 noon

August 21 Pioneer Park, 500 W Center Street, Provo 7 pm

and then begin again next saturday.

if you have questions please email/leave a comment. my deep apologies for not being so good with either of these things, but i promise to be better this next week and to blog on a more regular basis.

my love and deep gratitude to you all for sharing in this journey with me.