this is just to say.

i drink pellegrino. with lemon if i can.
and i don't eat meat. if i can help it. for environmental reasons.
i'm never gonna choose a sushi place for a night out.
and i prefer the expensive cheese.

i understand there are choices i have made that others consider odd. elitist even.
choices that make me seem like a snob.
but they are my choices.

because at the end of the day i say bless you when someone sneezes.
i say please, and thank you.
and i always introduce my plate to the dishwasher.

i believe in honesty. even if i'm not always good at it. even if it's not always easy.

i believe there are ten million ways to pray. ten million ways to honor God.

i believe that i was raised by two of the best, most honorable people in the world.
and i believe they have instilled within me the skills to be a good person--the need to be a good person.

so, perhaps our beliefs are different. and perhaps the manner in which we live our lives occasionally refuses to align. but i will not apologize for who i am or the choices i have made.
call me elitist, call me snobbish. i refuse to shrink myself to some smaller, more palatable version that sits quietly at the dinner table and poses politely for the family portrait.

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