thinking back. (and some much needed color on the blog).

it was a year ago now that i winged my way across the atlantic to australia. a year ago. to visit with my friend stevie before he eloped to hawaii. to fall in love with his fiancee miriam. to fall in love with lattes and mochas and infused australian light.

this morning with nothing to do i paged through my photos. allowing those year-ago feelings to wash over me.

so indulge me. here is the australia i loved. one year later.

stevie picks me up

miriam: kitchen goddess

first morning

train station

mocha at the museum

sydney sidewalk bodega

the sky is a blue you can't even imagine

family dial

the rocks

the expanse of it.

light infused

cemetery by the sea (bay)

skyline and necks

give me a blue door any day

looks like a movie set, no?

catholic cathedral, sydney

look at that handsome mug

books, books, books