almost there.

this morning i awoke.

and i hurt.


as though i had managed to sleep funny. all-over.

as though i had just run a marathon. climbed a mountain. pushed my body to the limits of extremity.

my friend anne said it's probably stress resolving itself. surfacing before it exits the body.

perhaps it is knowing that this (this utah adventure of mine) ends tuesday morning. knowing that this adventure which was harder than i ever dared imagine--that this adventure which forced more questions than answers--this adventure which revealed thousands of new things--this forced-boil--is almost over.

it has been impossible. this adventure. i'm not going to lie and say it has been anything less than impossible. and for i who lean toward the histrionic, this statement does not even approach hyperbole.

but it has been an adventure. of that i am sure. and for that i give thanks as i slowly and quietly massage the pain up and out, up and out.