there's this thing that happens when exhaustion takes hold, and i mean really takes hold. when you're so busy that the mind can't keep up--can't wrap itself around all that needs to be done.

things streamline. the mind figures it out what it needs to in any given moment. priorities shift. life drops in.

a job is a job is a job. it pays the bills. accept that. move on.

and insecurities and unnecessary quirks fall away. because you don't have time for them, or rather you don't have the energy to keep up with things that aren't authentically you. but it took becoming this busy, this you-want-to-burrow-in-bed-all-day-following-fourteen-consecutive-hours-of-jobs-that-pay-the-bills, for you to really get it--for you to drop into yourself all the more.

and you like the clarity that comes when the mind doesn't have the energy to over-think to the point of muddle.

so you soldier on. because this is all experience.