something has happened...

i've been watching damages. the fx show with glenn close and rose byrne. you know it? you should. it's good. it's so good for so many reasons. particularly the first season. the writing, the editing, the colors, the way in which it unravels.

and somewhere amongst its twists and turns and unraveling i became startlingly taken with...wait for it...rose byrne's hair. oh, that hair! the highlights, the ombre effect that's become so popular this season. and suddenly i too, i too want highlights! never before have i felt the need to color my hair. well, okay there was that one time at the end of my fourth year that i did the bottle red and that was disastrous on every possible level, but i don't think my motives were as pure then. and good hair is all about pure motives, right?

the thing is, this need (because that's what it is) couldn't have come at a worst possible time. i don't have time for it. nor money. and yet, it's begun to consume me... suddenly hair everywhere is taunting me. and i like my color. i do, i really do. it's just that. well, that...a little lift to it, a few added dimensions...a little ombre, if you will, seems right up my alley.